Why ya gotta read St. Ignatius of Antioch

Along the way to his martyrdom, he wrote seven letters to various Christian communities. Besides the New Testament, his letters are among the earliest Christian writings we have. His letters are therefore invaluable for learning about the state and development of early Christianity.


3 Myths on what Christians mean by Salvation

1. Worship God or go to Hell Some people think Christianity is about trying to appease an angry, narcissistic god. Isn't that why God demands we worship him, after all? I once saw a meme that compared "Dog" to "God" by saying that the former is unconditionally loving while the latter demands worship with the… Continue reading 3 Myths on what Christians mean by Salvation

Why do some Christians have Priests?

When you hear "priest," you're likely to think of Catholicism. Actually, not only the Catholic Church but all other ancient Christian communions regard their ordained ministers as priests. This includes the Eastern Orthodox, the Oriental Orthodox, and the Assyrian Church of the East. Still, most Christians in the West are not familiar with these traditions:… Continue reading Why do some Christians have Priests?

How to live as a Gay Christian

...while adhering to the moral teachings of the Catholic Church and other traditional Christians. While there are many ways of approaching the question of vocation, this post has in mind the human need for relationship. Because sexual relationships outside of marriage are forbidden by Catholic teaching, and gay people will largely not enter (opposite-sex/Catholic) marriage,… Continue reading How to live as a Gay Christian