Do we even believe in Christmas?

Do we even believe in Christmas? Do we believe the Eternal One entered into time? Do we believe that the Absolute, the Unchanging, the Ultimate Reality became restricted and finite? Do we truly believe that the Supreme Being, pure Existence Itself, decided to walk among His creatures? Do we really believe this: That the infinite… Continue reading Do we even believe in Christmas?

Why I’m still Christian #5: Because of the Saints

The saints are the great heroes of the Faith, yes. But at a more basic level, the saints are testimony that the thing's legit. The saints are those Christians who take Christ seriously. And in doing so, they become some of the most remarkable figures in human history. Some convert nations, some work miracles. Some… Continue reading Why I’m still Christian #5: Because of the Saints

Change is real, therefore God

Because change occurs, then there must be one ultimate reality that is fully actual, unchangeable, and therefore trans-physical. In other words, because change occurs, God exists. Change occurs. Now, a change is just the realization of something that is possible to be realized in that way, in the first place. For example, a bike that… Continue reading Change is real, therefore God

Purgatory… Is it still a thing?

Yes, Purgatory is still a Catholic belief. But I bet there are a few things about it you haven’t considered before: 1. First off, what Purgatory is NOT. It’s not a middle state between Heaven and Hell. It’s fundamentally different from hell, which is a state of complete rejection of God and neighbor. Those in… Continue reading Purgatory… Is it still a thing?

Why Christian? #4: Because we’re spirit *and* matter

Catholicism is sacramental, incarnational, and earthy: Or basically, Catholicism is consistent with human nature! If God truly created all else that exists—the entire material Universe, then surely He must deal with us accordingly. We are not angels! We are body and spirit. Think of the Incarnation, after all. You know, the central belief of Christianity:… Continue reading Why Christian? #4: Because we’re spirit *and* matter

Justin Martyr reveals what the Early Church believed about the Sacraments

Today, June 1, the church celebrates St. Justin Martyr, an early second-century convert to the Christian faith. Before his conversion, Justin jumped from philosophy to philosophy, ultimately sticking to Platonism—until he met a mysterious old man who moved him in the direction of Jesus Christ. Born in Palestine, Justin eventually found himself in Rome, where… Continue reading Justin Martyr reveals what the Early Church believed about the Sacraments