The name’s Patric. I’d like to consider myself a realistic Christian. I have faith, but I know I cannot close myself off to the rest of the world. I believe in real truth, and that Christ is the fullness of most important kind of truth: Why we’re even here, and where we’re going. I accept Christ, the creeds, and yes, even the church – as imperfect as it may be. But I know that many people my age have real questions and real struggles. To many of my friends, Christianity is outdated, or oppressive, or judgemental, or anti-science, or Republican. Christianity is irrelevant to them, or is at best “just another” religion. Maybe Jesus was a cool guy, but he has no real impact on one’s moral and spiritual life.

This blog will be many things. It represents my own adventure in being a smelly sheep, an imperfect follower of Christ who’s still trying to figure it all out. It also is an attempt to correct misunderstandings, debunk myths, and reveal the relevance of God, Christ, and Church even today.