Why am I still Christian? Reason #3

3. Because Catholicism is all-embracing. “Catholic” means more than just universal. Originally coming from the Greek meaning “according to the whole,” it also suggests completeness. In addition to embracing all peoples and cultures, Catholicism encompasses endless ways of living out the one Christian faith. With a billion+ members, the Catholic Church can be found throughout… Continue reading Why am I still Christian? Reason #3


Why am I still Christian? Reason #2

Reason #2: Because Catholicism leads to human fulfillment Catholic Christianity encourages human fulfillment by bringing all people together into communion with each other and with God. The question of human fulfillment is important. In some ways it is the question. But one thing’s for sure: We all desire happiness. Our desire for happiness has no… Continue reading Why am I still Christian? Reason #2

5 Myths on what Christians mean by Salvation

Salvation is a central theme in Christianity. You can't really think of Jesus without also thinking of salvation: the angels announce him as the "Savior" born in Bethlehem; John the Baptist identifies him as the "Lamb of God" who takes away the sins of the world; St. John proclaims him to be God's only Son… Continue reading 5 Myths on what Christians mean by Salvation

Why am I still Christian? Reason #1

The truths of Catholicism depend on Revelation, or God informing us about Himself and His plan for us. But belief in revelation is not a jump in the dark. It rests on more fundamental principles that can be accessed through the use of human reason. Take God’s existence, for example.  It's quite possible to arrive… Continue reading Why am I still Christian? Reason #1

Why do some Christians have Priests?

When you hear "priest," you're likely to think of Catholicism. Actually, not only the Catholic Church but all other ancient Christian communions regard their ordained ministers as priests. This includes the Eastern Orthodox, the Oriental Orthodox, and the Assyrian Church of the East. Still, most Christians in the West are not familiar with these traditions:… Continue reading Why do some Christians have Priests?

How to live as a Gay Christian

...while adhering to the moral teachings of the Catholic Church and other traditional Christians. While there are many ways of approaching the question of vocation, this post has in mind the human need for relationship. Because sexual relationships outside of marriage are forbidden by Catholic teaching, and gay people will largely not enter (opposite-sex/Catholic) marriage,… Continue reading How to live as a Gay Christian