A Human Life is a Human Person (No Matter How Small)

The fact that many Pro-Choicers cannot settle on when an unborn human life deserves protection (if at any stage at all!) should give us pause: Why risk it? Not knowing what stage of development should define a life worth protecting is, in fact, an argument against abortion. But even so, we can do better than uncertainty.


Bad Arguments in the Abortion Debate

The purpose of this blog post is not to discuss the recent Alabama abortion ban, which even Pro-Lifers have various views on. Rather, after encountering certain trends in the abortion dialogue (both in the media and among friends), I feel the need to shed some light on some of the stock arguments and common gotcha! phrases from the Pro-Choice side.

Why am I still Christian? Reason #1

The truths of Catholicism depend on Revelation, or God informing us about Himself and His plan for us. But belief in revelation is not a jump in the dark. It rests on more fundamental principles that can be accessed through the use of human reason. Take God’s existence, for example.  It's quite possible to arrive… Continue reading Why am I still Christian? Reason #1

The Pope as Peter

This week marks Pope Francis' fifth anniversary since his election as bishop of Rome! So I thought I'd shoot out a few papal posts. As a matter of history, the Pope, as bishop of Rome, is the successor of the Apostle Peter. According to Catholicism, this means the Pope holds the same office that Peter… Continue reading The Pope as Peter