Why Christian? #4: Because we’re spirit *and* matter

Catholicism is sacramental, incarnational, and earthy: Or basically, Catholicism is consistent with human nature! If God truly created all else that exists—the entire material Universe, then surely He must deal with us accordingly. We are not angels! We are body and spirit. Think of the Incarnation, after all. You know, the central belief of Christianity:… Continue reading Why Christian? #4: Because we’re spirit *and* matter


Bad Arguments in the Abortion Debate

The purpose of this blog post is not to discuss the recent Alabama abortion ban, which even Pro-Lifers have various views on. Rather, after encountering certain trends in the abortion dialogue (both in the media and among friends), I feel the need to shed some light on some of the stock arguments and common gotcha! phrases from the Pro-Choice side.

Catholicism 101: An Overview of the Faith

The Big Picture Religions offer the “Big Picture” explanations of life: What does it all mean? Scholars of religion talk about the “numinous experience” or the “tremendous mystery” that human beings encounter. There is a spiritual plain of existence beyond the mundane — something that breaks into our world, uplifting and sanctifying it. The biblical… Continue reading Catholicism 101: An Overview of the Faith

A Protestant, Orthodox & Catholic walk into a blog…

What can a Protestant, Orthodox, and Catholic Christian learn from each other? This last week was the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity. Obviously, there are many divisions among Christians today. But we still have so much in common, and we have much we can learn from our differences --- which are often complementary. This… Continue reading A Protestant, Orthodox & Catholic walk into a blog…

So… What is the Bible, anyways?

I'll be honest. The Bible is not always my favorite. Often, I'll read it and end up with even more questions. The text is complex, dated, and sometimes just plain archaic. How can this be the Word of God?, I think. What makes it worse is that there are SO many approaches to the Bible,… Continue reading So… What is the Bible, anyways?

Why am I still Christian? Reason #3

3. Because Catholicism is all-embracing. “Catholic” means more than just universal. Originally coming from the Greek meaning “according to the whole,” it also suggests completeness. In addition to embracing all peoples and cultures, Catholicism encompasses endless ways of living out the one Christian faith. With a billion+ members, the Catholic Church can be found throughout… Continue reading Why am I still Christian? Reason #3

Why am I still Christian? Reason #2

Reason #2: Because Catholicism leads to human fulfillment Catholic Christianity encourages human fulfillment by bringing all people together into communion with each other and with God. The question of human fulfillment is important. In some ways it is the question. But one thing’s for sure: We all desire happiness. Our desire for happiness has no… Continue reading Why am I still Christian? Reason #2