A Protestant, Orthodox & Catholic walk into a blog…

What can a Protestant, Orthodox, and Catholic Christian learn from each other? This last week was the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity. Obviously, there are many divisions among Christians today. But we still have so much in common, and we have much we can learn from our differences --- which are often complementary. This… Continue reading A Protestant, Orthodox & Catholic walk into a blog…


So… What is the Bible, anyways?

I'll be honest. The Bible is not always my favorite. Often, I'll read it and end up with even more questions. The text is complex, dated, and sometimes just plain archaic. How can this be the Word of God?, I think. What makes it worse is that there are SO many approaches to the Bible,… Continue reading So… What is the Bible, anyways?

Fellow Westerners, Meet the Eastern Churches

Here in the American South, we tend to think of Christianity in terms of its Western expressions, especially the various Protestant traditions. Add to that the conservative Evangelicals, college-hip non-denominational churches, and prosperity megachurches --- and you can see why we've been conditioned to think of Christianity in particularly American ways. Well, this is Western… Continue reading Fellow Westerners, Meet the Eastern Churches

5 Takeaways from the Feast of Saints Peter & Paul

God uses weak human beings to be his representatives. I know it seems awfully ironic that even sinners can be "ambassadors for Christ" (2 Cor. 5:20). But God does not compete with his creatures; He transforms them. He allows them to participate in his own goodness. Christ, the great teacher, speaks through Paul. And Christ, the Good Shepherd, leads through Peter.

The Pope as Peter

This week marks Pope Francis' fifth anniversary since his election as bishop of Rome! So I thought I'd shoot out a few papal posts. As a matter of history, the Pope, as bishop of Rome, is the successor of the Apostle Peter. According to Catholicism, this means the Pope holds the same office that Peter… Continue reading The Pope as Peter